Official Event Suppliers

Stay Safe, Avoid Event Scams

Aviation Media is committed to making sure that attendees, exhibitors and sponsors have the best possible experience at our events. We carefully select and vet all our partners and suppliers to provide the best services to all our customers.

The best place to look for an official supplier is on the event site for each specific event or, if you are an exhibitor, in the exhibition manual, which will be sent to you in advance of the event. If you are approached by an outside supplier and are not clear about whom they are, please contact

Attendee Lists

Many companies have been contacting Aviation Media event attendees, exhibitors and sponsors claiming to sell/rent an event attendee list. Aviation Media does not rent, share, or sell your email address to any third parties. 

These companies have no association with Aviation Media and are not authorized to use the Aviation Media name.

Due to the way in which these companies operate, it makes it difficult for Aviation Media to stop their actions. We are very sorry for any inconvenience that these spammers may cause you.


Links to the official hotel booking agency are posted on the event website on the accommodation page.

Aviation Medias official hotel booking agency is MICE Concierge. Aviation Media contracts annually with a hotel booking agency to bring the greatest value and most availability at hotel properties for every budget. Official discounted rates are available exclusively from MICE Concierge and we advise that you only book via their link or team to secure your rooms. Please note we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of any other companies offering rates for the event. We are aware that other hotel booking or travel agencies may contact you or your company to book your guest rooms through them. Aviation Media does not have any affiliation with these organisations and cannot endorse their services in any way. Reservations through these agencies or companies are made at your own risk and responsibility.

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